Kimmy Sophia Brown


Love at the Red Lobster
~ A short, short story ~
He heard the doors open behind him and he turned to see another family entering the foyer - a mother, a father, and the most beautiful little girl he had ever seen. She was wearing a pink dress and pink shoes with yellow socks. In fact, she herself was pink and yellow. She had yellow hair, pink cheeks, pink lips and blue eyes. She seemed to float there among the people waiting for tables. more
Prince Tadin and the Naughty Mosquito
Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Tadin. He was four years old, and he had blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a green cape, a red hat with a green feather, and golden boots. more
The Nest on Tymon's Head
When Tymon was very little he didn't like having his hair washed. Whenever he took a bath, his mother would say, "Time to wash your hair, Tymon." Tymon would yell, "No!" and try to make himself very small in the far corner of the tub. more
Ranin and the Red Thumb
(A True Story)
Ranin was four years old. "Ranin Brown was a cowboy, He was a true love cowboy, with warm love eyes. He liked to fight the outlaws and he saved the women and children. Yeehaw!" These are the words to a song his daddy made up for him. more