Kimmy Sophia Brown

We Go for a Sunday Drive

Mar 23, 2018

We go for a Sunday drive, which I hate.
Why don’t we do something?, I whine.
Eventually we stop for soft ice cream,
Chocolate for dad and me, vanilla for mom.
Sometimes we walk in the woods.
My dad knows about animals and birds,
my parents know how to walk silently
in the woods so you see something.
We see deer up close, a great blue heron,
a kingfisher. Sometimes black bears at the dump.
My dad shows me jack in the pulpit and lady slippers,
lichen and quartz crystals,
a scarlet tanager.
We have binoculars by the windows at home, 
I love that they taught me to love the wild world.

Kim lives in Maine, which is lovely, and where she continues her enthusiastic relationship with Art, Music, Nature, Books, Animals, Humor and Trees.