Kimmy Sophia Brown

The Makeover

Feb 7, 2018

I keep attempting a makeover
but not the external kind with paints and potions.
I secretly feel too far-gone for those,
my hair isn’t interested, 
then there’s all that flab,
and frankly I have no interest in polish or fashion-- 
Unless I could be a cowgirl again.
I like the idea of a fringe jacket and a well-made
cowboy hat that just suits me,
and some dandy boots,
not to mention the dark-eyed horse of my dreams.
A wild gallop sounds tempting even though I never learned to ride…
But back to the makeover!
It would involve the shake-up of new good habits
that stick! And shedding the husks
of normal that have posed as a life.
Snakes shed skins, trees shed leaves,
I welcome that kind of makeover 
that shines out from the core
like a ripening peach in the light 
of a dawning new day, fresh as a new box of 
crayolas on the first day of school.

Kim lives in Maine, which is lovely, and where she continues her enthusiastic relationship with Art, Music, Nature, Books, Animals, Humor and Trees.