Kimmy Sophia Brown
I Call My Me!
I call my me!
Who are me?
Who am me? more
Why Is the Place of Sleep So Lonely
Why is the place of sleep so lonely, why do worries
loom large in the dark? more
The Song of Overwhelm
If bees pollinate in the key of C
what is the key of a stinging hornet? more
I Set My Soles On the Ground of Being
I set my soles on the ground of being,
my soul on the ground of Your being (Oh God).
Whereforever thou goest I wish to go
Whichever way the world tilts,
there with You, I wish to be. more
At the Hour of Our Death Amen
At the hour of our death amen,
does our life play like a video?
All the standout moments;
the blood splash and cry of birth,
significant birthdays, applause and cake? more
Starving Artist on Kinnikkinnick
In Milwaukee in 1977 the winter was
a deep freeze of uncompromising darkness.
I ate in the weird little cosmos of George Webb’s greasy counter . . . more
My Office is a Baked Potato, and other vegetables
My room is painted white and pale yellow more
Indi Dog at Dawn
Ghoulish numbers on the clock: it's three. Farewell sleep, I sigh, more
Rat The Rat
Is the rat offended by the smell of the dump?
Before cities,
before squalor and pestilence and sewers,
where did the rat dwell? more
Lloyd Railroad Depot The Depot
I left my suitcases. Inside were keep-sake rings and bracelets photo albums of my trip to Europe, more