Kimmy Sophia Brown

The Green Wheel

The Green Wheel is a column inspired by the Heart Chakra, which is symbolized by a green wheel. The green wheel is about the wheels of love; a revolving connection of heart between people and all living things and all inanimate objects.

What Do We Do Now?
Thoughts stimulated by reading Martin Prechtel's book, "Secrets of the Talking Jaguar". more
The Arc of a Life
The image of an arrow curving through its trajectory has come to me countless times as the metaphor for a life lived on earth. . . more
Wakeup Stories
What if there were wakeup stories to help us begin the day?
Imagine that when you wake up in the morning, there’s time to stay in bed a little longer to enjoy your favorite breakfast and listen to a wakeup story. more
Fear, Prisoners, and Roses
~ Seeing beyond the superficial level
I’ve been reading Robert Sardello’s book, Freeing the Soul from Fear. Towards the end of the book, he posits that one of the ways we can surmount fear . . . more
How Can We Practice Civil Discourse in the Public Forum?
Being friends in an age of enemies
It’s snowing hard in Maine this evening. Everyone who lives here will cope with it. It brings us into a single focus as people. The snowplow drivers and the police and ambulance workers serve everybody. more
Separations and Connections
Thoughts about human communication
A while back my daughter and a dear friend of hers from New Zealand were talking and laughing during a Skype call. I walked through the room to get something and waved at the friend, over 9,000 miles away, who waved back. more
Painted Turtle Models of Love
Walking through a small park near our home, I am awash with what I perceive to be messages of love from our beautiful earth, blooming and unfolding in an orgy of color and sound. more
Indi, age 8 months, first winter Moments of Joy
It is interesting how our perception of life grows and changes. As a younger person I felt that I would ‘get there’ someday – there being ‘happiness’. It would be a state of being. It would involve developing the kind of relationship with my mate that I had always dreamed of, and owning the sort of home in the sort of place that we always wanted... more
Dalai Lama in Edinburgh Why I Like to Pray
I have a morning ritual where I get up and read a little, write in my journal, and then pray and meditate. I take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on how much time I have on a given day. more