Kimmy Sophia Brown

CD Review: Sylvia, "Where in the World"

May 1, 2002

Sylvia's independently produced CD, "Where in the World" is a collection of 10 gentle songs presented with original, acoustic arrangements. Sylvia delivers each song in a full, fine voice. One can sense that these songs were carefully chosen to convey not only the feminine sensitivity of the singer, but also a message of love and hope to the listener.

Her unique voice is delicate and precise and carries a depth of warm womanliness. The recording has an intimate feeling as if Sylvia were in the room giving a personal concert. Many of the songs are familiar; "In My Life" by John Lennon, the Leonard Cohen piece, "Bird on a Wire" and Joni Mitchell's "Marcie".

The songs written by Craig Bickhardt are quite beautiful, particularly the title song, "Where in the World". When this song is discovered it could become a standard, it's truly lovely.

Sylvia's Grammy Award winning career started on the country music scene in the 1980's. As she grew as a person, she decided to sidestep the musical box in which the industry had tried to fit her. Instead she is now performing music that inspires her personally, and will definitely inspire audiences who like acoustic music with a country flavor.

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