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With love and honor for the gift of music, Kimmy Sophia Brown

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Winterbloom, Fragrant and Fair
Venue: One Longfellow Square Portland, ME ~ December 13, 2012 ~
From their opening notes, and their body language, I could see they have unique musical styles that are joined together with love and humility to create the miracle of Winterbloom. Where should I begin? First, each one of them is beautiful. more
Lucy Kaplansky
Shares Big Heart and Great Songs
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 8, 2012 ~
I realized that her songs are not “one time listens”. They are poetry, and they contain messages within messages, like Matryoshka Russian Dolls. more
Rachel Ries, Sweet Opening for Anais Mitchell
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ November 30, 2012 ~
She had an atmosphere of purity that evoked a feeling of the prairie grass and the plains, the bitter winters and broad summer sun. She shone as she spoke and sang, and looked trustworthy. more
Outstanding Performance
by Anais Mitchell and the Young Man Band
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ November 30, 2012 ~
It astounds me how some folks that are tiny in stature can have such immense presence. Ms. Mitchell is a petite little fireball, confident as Annie Oakley, taking aim with her guitar. more
Jim Carr Creates Lovely Album
with "The Space Below"
CD Review
This is an album to listen to with a glass of wine in front of a warm fire, or as background music for a gathering of close friends. more
Fishtank Ensemble Provides Peerless Performance!
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ September 30, 2012 ~
This band is an amalgamation of individuals who steeped themselves in various genres, and like a fine restaurant, have a musical kitchen stocked with rare wines, exotic spices, tempting delicacies, and feasts for the ears. more
Fish and Bird Warble and Make a Splash
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ September 20, 2012 ~
Fish and Bird’s songs were not predictable or ordinary by any means. Similarly to Joy Kills Sorrow, they look like a bluegrass or traditional folk band at first glance, but their style is more of a fusion of genres. more
Joy Kills Sorrow - and They Do!
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ September 20, 2012 ~
The band was comprised of award winning musicians, each one a stand-alone genius in their own right. The musical upshot was dazzling. more
Jimmy Robinson's powerful CD "Guitarworks"
CD Review
Jimmy Robinson’s excellent 2012 CD is aptly named Guitarworks. His guitar playing stands out like mountains on the moon; brave, bold, prominent. more
Exceptional Evening with Mary Fahl
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ August 11, 2012~
Then she played some thunderous chords on the guitar, and from the bottom of her being came forth a voice directly from the female side of God – the incarnation of the phrase, “And it was Good”. more