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With love and honor for the gift of music, Kimmy Sophia Brown

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Smithfield Fair - Brick, Stick & Mortar
~ CD Review ~
They create lush harmonies with their voices and instrumentation, and the songs tell the stories that especially resonate with baby boomer’s hearts. Falling in love again, blessing the salt of the earth, precious memories, flimflam men and life in the south... more
Jim Trick - Buying the Field
~ CD Review ~
Jim Trick’s music has a comfortable and appealing style. His voice is in the Lyle Lovett camp, he looks a bit like Elvis Costello, and the arrangements remind me of Bruce Hornsby or Shawn Colvin. more
Jim Pharis - Having a Ball
~ CD Review ~
The lyrics are folksy - he does mighty fine pickin’ and he has a jolly sense of humor – you can hear the Louisiana-Bluesiana influences. more
Enthralling Performance by Ameranouche
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ August 24, 2013 ~
Peter and I had just finished a long, hard day and found ourselves closing our eyes and flying off into a string-induced dream-scape. The more they played, the more united, joyful and intuitive they became. more
Michael Littwin, The Nearness of You
~ CD Review ~
He does an amazing cover of “The Eagle and the Hawk” by John Denver. I listened to John’s version of this too, and would even go so far as to say that John Denver’s voice is more tinny or metallic than Michael’s. more
Rollicking Fun with Rick Adams
No Cover at the Door
~ CD Review ~
I laughed out loud when I heard the honky-tonk pi-yanno, the snarlin’ dobro and the lines “She got caboose, she got engine,” from “She Got Caboose,” the first cut off of Rick Adam’s new CD, No Cover at the Door... more
“Unlikely Trio” Plays First-Class Jazz
Featuring the music of Brad Terry, Barry Saunders and Peter Herman
The relaxed and joyful group played jazz at its finest including standard tunes by composers such as Duke Ellington and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The familiar tunes were replete with wonderful personal improvisation and interpretation. more
Smitten by The Levins - My Friend, Hafiz
CD Review ~ Ira and Julia Levin ~
From the opening notes of the first track, “Dropping Keys”, I felt a high spirit similar to the sound of the musical duo, Seals and Crofts. A world-music feeling is present too... more
Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection Shine with Good Fun
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ February 1, 2013 ~
I could feel the love coming from the packed house of bluegrass fans, as well as from music students and their families in attendance. Erica and two of her band-mates, Steve Roy and Matt Shipman, teach music lessons at The 317 Main Community Music Center in Yarmouth. more
Eilen Jewell Knocked My Socks Off!
Venue: One Longfellow Square ~ Portland, ME January 10, 2013 ~
...sorta like a Buddhist monk gone cowgirl -- the songs spiraling into the night, like prayer beads from a sagebrush mala. I was riveted and enthralled. more