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With love and honor for the gift of music, Kimmy Sophia Brown

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Rusty Belle Rusty Belle Takes Us By Surprise
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 19, 2013 ~
The sidewalks were frozen and everything had the pallor of a winter night as I arrived for this event. There was a nice crowd gathering, carrying their pints of Funky Bow Oatmeal Stout to their seats. Rusty Belle arrived just before 8 o’clock. more
Patty Larkin is a Christmas Angel
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 13, 2013 ~
Seeing Celtic musical priestess, Patty Larkin, live and up-close was indeed a Christmas blessing! The house was packed with fans anxious to hear the two-set concert. Patty came out looking fabulous, with her long red curls, tight jeans, a jacket and little red ankle boots. All I can say is, people over sixty sure look different than when I was a kid! more
Yulegrass 2013 Thumbnail 2013 Yulegrass is a Musical Christmas Present
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ December 14, 2013 ~
The beautiful and talented Portland fiddle player and vocalist, Lauren Rioux, gathered a marvelous cadre of musicians for this year’s Yulegrass lineup. Included were world-famous banjo master, Tony Trischka, award winning, flatpicking guitarist and singer, Scott Law, the bouncy and joyous Amanda Kowalski on stand-up bass, and the incomparable Mike Block on cello and vocals. more
Angie Shyr - Jackie Highway Jackie Highway - "Solid State Sun"
~ CD Review ~
Angie Shyr has created a sunny, buoyant pop album, with the help of bassist, Jeremy Moses Curtis, and drummer, Benny Grotto. Shyr is a classically trained musician who wrote the songs, played strings and piano, and sings lead on all the songs. more
Max Garcia Concover - Burrow
~ CD Review ~
He comes across like a man who dresses in skins, lays on the ground with his guitar, and channels songs of the forest and trees, sky and land. more
Putnam Smith - kitchen, love...
~ CD Review ~
Ya gotcher fiddle, ya gotcher banjo, ya gotcher lines like “You got beans, I got corn, let’s go make some succatosh til the morn.” This is a dandy homespun album, but don’t let the word ‘homespun’ fool you... more
Dave Duplissey - Wine and Roses
~ CD Review ~
Dave Duplissey has created a tour de force Smooth Jazz album, with the release of Wine and Roses. The ten instrumental compositions, mostly co-written with Larry Turner, constitute a smoky, calming, and gorgeous listen for fans of this genre. more
Patrick Cooper - Gris Gris in Your Face
~ CD Review ~
He has a Harry Chapin/Harry Nilsson-esque voice -- kind of gritty and bluesy. He plays his tunes with an earnest energy – story songs about life in the city, burning the candles at both ends, hard times, love songs, and people who need to improve their character. more
Eilen Jewell is Beyond Delightful
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ September 9, 2013 ~
Eilen is not only the Queen of the Minor Key, but a queen of songwriting. Her catchy, rockin’ songs have clever lyrics, and could probably lure the most introverted and demure librarian to cut loose on a table top. more
Amy Black - Powerful and Distinctive
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME ~ September 9, 2013 ~
Amy Black is what you could call a whole lotta woman. Bearing a slight resemblance to Trisha Yearwood, she opened for Eilen Jewell, all bright and brassy, with an acoustic guitar and a voice that could fill church rafters. more