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John and Rachel Nicholas John and Rachel Nicholas - Here You Are
~ CD Review ~
The music of John and Rachel Nicholas is all about passion. I hear it in the harmony of their voices and in the music and lyrics they write. I saw them last summer at the Swans Island Sweet Chariot Festival. more
Douglas Day - Oddfellows Hall, Swans Island, Maine Douglas Day - Barefoot to the Sea
~ CD Review ~
On the idyllic cover photo of his 1993 album "Barefoot to the Sea", athletic and handsome Douglas Day is gripping a guitar in one hand while leaping above ocean waves. more
Dave Duplissey:
Salt & Pepper with Creole Seasoning & Tasty Jazz
~ CD Review ~
Back in the '80s and '90s soundtracks were filled with saxophone solos. You heard them everywhere. On television and in movies and commercials—just everywhere. more
The Miracle of Teresa Tudury
~ CD Review ~ "The River of Life"
There are some people that are just so talented that they defy description. Teresa Tudury is a California Bay area musician – poet – wise woman that I had the good fortune to hear for the first time this past summer at the Sweet Chariot Music Festival at Swans Island, Maine. more
Mark Erelli - Milltowns
~ CD Review ~ Tribute to Bill Morrissey
This album is a tribute to singer/songwriter Bill Morrissey, who passed away too young and too soon. more
New Latitude Excels with "Convergence"
~ CD Review ~
Jazz guitar has a language all its own. New Latitude, comprised of Jim Carr and Dave Erickson, used skill and intuition to create these lovely duets... more
inanna sisters in rhythm under the sun Inanna Sisters In Rhythm "One Love, One Heart" Winter Solstice Concert
Venue: One Longfellow Square, Portland ME ~ December 21, 2014 ~
On December 21st, Peter and I went to see Inanna Sisters in Rhythm’s “One Love, One Heart” Winter Solstice Celebration - our third time seeing them at One Longfellow Square. My, my, my they get better with age. What a group of gorgeous, talented women! more
Rowboats on Swans Island Swans Island Sweet Chariot Festival, 2014
Venue: Swan’s Island, Maine ~ August 5, 6, and 7, 2014 ~
The Sweet Chariot Festival is one of the best kept musical secrets in Maine. It was conceived as the brainchild of Doug Day of Camden, Maine (and Swans Island too) twenty-five years ago.. more
Deb Hensley and Katey Branch Katey Branch and Deb Hensley:
A Joyful Celebration of Motherhood
Venue: Bhakti In Motion Yoda Studio, Portland, Maine
~ May 10, 2014 ~
Two singer/songwriter mothers, Katey Branch and Deb Hensley, were there to entertain us and to honor motherhood. It felt unusually intimate because we were sitting in a circle with the singers. more
Ari and Mia Ari and Mia - "Land on Shore"
~ CD Review ~
Ari and Mia make exceptional music. The first cut, “Turn Me Round,” is softly sung and strung wonderfully upon a delicate acoustic web. In fact, all the tunes are poetic and artistically executed. more