Kimmy Sophia Brown

CD Review: Jaime Michaels, "little dreams"

Mar 26, 2000

Jaime Michael, a New Englander by birth, comes from parents who like so many lucky musicians, were both pianists. His mother's preference for gospel and his dad's love of boogie have both influenced this acoustic guitarist and song writer who now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jaime has written a beautiful collection of songs on his CD, "little dreams". They range from my personal favorite, the sweet "Almost Daedalus", which conveys a childlike innocence;

"...There is no simple way to fall,
the only choice is solid ground.
but that's the biggest thrill of all,
to see the colors spinning round..."

To the spunky cut, "Steal Light", which is a bluesy dialogue between God and the devil;

"...God don't listen if you're lying when you're praying...


"...tell me what you want,
tell me your every heart's desire
tell it to the breeze
tell it to the sea
tell it to your mama
they have all listened to me..."

"Every Little Dream" shines as a funky little song with a howling harmonica and a tinkling Louisiana style piano;

"...but my prayers took wing and flew to heaven,
and you're the angel lying next to me.
Speak through your heart and God might listen
to every little dream."

On the cut, "Never Be the Same", which is about a friend's battle with substance abuse, Jaime's fine tenor voice is reminiscent of Neil Young. The album is comprised of mainly quiet songs - messages of hope and poetic images of the seasons and creation. His warm heart is even further underscored by the name of his production company; frumdaheart productions.

People who enjoy acoustic music will appreciate Jaime Michaels' contribution to the genre.

Kim lives in Maine, which is lovely, and where she continues her enthusiastic relationship with Art, Music, Nature, Books, Animals, Humor and Trees.