Kimmy Sophia Brown

From the Back Porch

Humor and other thoughts, including life with children, and life in general.

The Steak Lady Sizzles
You Shouldn't Go Home Again
When I saw the Mel Gibson, movie version of Hamlet, I was in labor squeezing the life out of my husband's hand. I was looking up at Mel and Glenn Close, and imagining myself lying in the aisle, lumpy with popcorn. I could imagine the ushers delivering the baby. "Boil some Coca Cola!" "Lady, you want to chew on some Goobers?" more
I Dreamed I Was Flying in My Maidenform Bra
The Ants Go Marching One by One
The Old Brain is Snoring
Zen Mothering: The Sound of One Head Pounding
Penury, Shmenury!
The Mystery of Domestic Order
In the Valley of the Jolly Green Mommy