Kimmy Sophia Brown


Feb 19, 1996
I was in my bedroom folding laundry when I overheard this conversation between my daughter Gracie, 6, and my three sons, Tymon,8, Ranin, 4, and Tadin 2.

Ranin: "When I grow up I want to marry you."
Gracie: "You can't marry me, boys don't marry their sisters."
Ranin: "But I want to marry you."
Gracie: "No, if you marry your sister then your kids become weird."
Ranin: "No they don't."
Tymon: "Yes they do. Both their eyes will be on the same side."
Ranin: "No they won't."
Tymon: "Yes they will. Their mouth too. Everything will be on one side. Like Charlotte Pickles. Daddy said."
(Lion King Music playing in background.)
Ranin: "Oh I love the way that boy sings."
Tadin: "Heh eh dee wah! Heh eh weo!"
Tymon: "That's not a boy, it's Elton John."
Ranin: "Yes it is too a boy."
Tymon: "No, he's not a boy he's an old man."
Ranin: "He's a boy."
Tymon: "He is not, he's an old man, I saw his picture."
Gracie: "He is not an old man, he's just a man."
Tymon: "Dad's a man. An old man says, how you doin' sonny?"
Ranin: "Yeah, Dad's a man. And I'm a boy and you're a boy and he's a boy and she's a girl."
Gracie: "Yeah."
Tymon: "Us boys are male and you're a female."
Gracie: "We are not. Animals are male and female."
Tymon: "People are animals too.People are male and female. Dad's a male and he's a male and he's a male and I'm a male and you're a female. And mom's a female."
Gracie: "I'm a girl and Mom's a lady and Dad's a man and you are boys."
Tymon: "We're also male and female."
Gracie: "Why do we say male and female?"
Tymon: "I don't know."
Ranin: "Is George Washington alive?"
Tadin: "Dee WAH!"
Tymon: "No."
Ranin: "Is Abraham Lincoln alive?"
Tymon: "No."
Ranin: "Is George Bush alive?"
Tymon: "Yes."
Ranin: "Is he president?"
Tymon: "No, Bill Clinton is President."
Ranin: "Bill? Bill Spell?" (our landlord)
Tymon: "No, Bill Clinton. Mom, why did Bill Watterson stop making Calvin and Hobbes?"
Mom: (from the next room): "I guess he didn't want it to become boring."
Tadin: "Hey Mama."
Mom: "Hey Tay Tay."
Tadin: "Hey Mama."
Mom: "Hey Tay Tay."
Tadin: "Hey Mama."
Mom: "Hey Tay Tay."
Tymon: "I wish he didn't stop making it. I miss it. Do you think he would let me start drawing it?"
Mom, (from the next room): "I don't think so."
Ranin: "Come on Gracie, let's play. You be Nala and I'll be Simba. I want to sing the Simba song."
Gracie: "Oh I just can't wait to be king!"
Ranin: "Not that one, my Simba song. It goes Simba Simba Simba Simba. Simba Simba Simba Simba." (To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.)
Tymon:"Let's watch Jungle Book."
Ranin: "Was Mowgli a teenager?"
Tymon: "No he was a kid."
Ranin: "But was he a teenager?"
Tymon: "Some of the time."
Ranin: "Is Robin a teenager?"
Tymon: "I think so."
Ranin: "Are the Power Rangers teenagers?"
Tymon: "Yes."
Gracie: "In the Polar Bear King were the princesses teenagers?"
Tymon: "Yes."
Ranin: "The princesses' dad was a King. But the polar bear guy was a prince."
Tymon: "No, the dad was the king of the north and the polar bear guy was the king of the south."
Ranin: "No he was a teenager, he was a prince."
Tymon:"No he wasn't, he was a teenager king."
Ranin: "Teenagers aren't kings, they're princes."
Tymon: "He was a king."
Ranin: "He was a prince."
Tymon: "He was a king."
Ranin: "He was a prince."
Tymon: "He was a king."
Ranin: "He was a prince."
Tymon: Pow. "Aaahhhhh, Ranin punched me."
Ranin: Pow. "Aaahhhhh, Tymon punched me."
Mom: "Hey you guys, say sorry to each other. No fighting!"
Tymon: "Sorry."
Ranin: "Sorry."
Tymon: "King."
Ranin: "Prince."
Tymon: "King."
Ranin: "Prince."
Tymon: "Mom!"
Tadin: "HEY MAMA!"

Kim lives in Maine, which is lovely, and where she continues her enthusiastic relationship with Art, Music, Nature, Books, Animals, Humor and Trees.