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This section came from The Significato Journal, which was a joint effort between my husband, Peter, and me. The images are too beautiful to abandon, so we've brought them over to my website. Most of the images came from others.

Winter's Howl Winter's Last Howl
"Imagine the Winter Witch up in the sky, shaking her fist, and making an ugly face - uglier than normal - as she is chased off by the spring fairies." These remarks and this shot were contributed by our photovoyant friend, Maureen Spagnolo.
Hope is the Thing With Feathers Hope is the Thing With Feathers
Maureen Spagnolo took this shot of a sweet little robin enduring the cold. Emily Dickinson's verse may speak for all of us:

"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all."

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Winter, You Shameless Hussy Winter, You Shameless Hussy, Be Gone and Melt!
No matter how she flirts, winter has lost her charm for this year. See how she teases us in this candid shot by Maureen Spagnolo. (Click to see larger image)
It was a dark and stormy day...
The Smithsonian castle in Washington, DC looks especially dramatic, with seagulls and cloud formations above the turrets. Maureen Spagnolo took this shot on a moody winter day.
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Fairy's Gown?
This delicate image of a spider's web in winter rain conjures a question. Could this be a fragment torn from a fairy's wedding dress? ~ Taken by PhotoVoyant, Maureen Spagnolo, 2013 ~ click for larger image
Government Shutdown? Everybody's cranky!
Maureen Spagnolo took this photo the day the National Zoo re-opened, after a 2-week Government shutdown. She says this is the lion's story, from Mr. Lion's viewpoint: "There I was, strutting my stuff before my fans (who had been oddly absent of late), when the ladies converged upon me in the most malicious way. What's a guy to do? I had to growl back. Wouldn't you? I think they were jealous of all the attention I was getting."
"Summer" by Carl Larsson
This evocative work by Swedish painter, Carl Larsson, (1853-1919) speaks of the ending summer - the tall, ripened grain and the lazy sun-drenched world. One can feel the heat of the day, hear the clop of the horse, and the swish of the felling of the crop by each pass of the cutter.
A Girl and Her Cow
A trip to the Montgomery County Fair in Maryland gave Maureen Spagnolo the opportunity to snap this sweet shot of two dear friends. Maureen said, "It's a joy to see animals as loved - and - cared for as the ones we saw at the Montgomery Fair this month. This particular beauty is clearly more than a 4-H project to this young lady. "
The Intricate Beauty of the Sunflower
Photo by Maureen Spagnolo. She has this to say about the shot: "These are from Antol's garden. He has a wide variety of sunflowers, and many other flowers that attract butterflies, birds, and bees - planted in such a careful way that none need to compete with another for the precious sun. He could have planted vegetables to eat for himself."
Summer Rose in Mist and Rain
Maureen Spagnolo had this to say about taking this shot: "It was a perfectly pristine early Sunday morning, with a light rain, and a low mist that the sun hadn't disturbed. There was no one in Bishops' Garden when I got there. I was stunned by the bejeweled roses' beauty covered in rain drops, and most, in perfect bloom. It was magical. I was afraid to breathe - in case the moment would be lost (the crowds would descend, the sun would come out and ruin the soft light). I had just enough time."