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This section came from The Significato Journal, which was a joint effort between my husband, Peter, and me. The images are too beautiful to abandon, so we've brought them over to my website. Most of the images came from others.

Gold and Snow
Maureen Spagnolo captured this shot of what some might call ordinary rocks and leaves revealed under melting snow. But here is another case of nature's relentless beauty in color and texture.
Snow Blossom
Nature persists in its beauty, in life, death, winter or summer. Maureen Spagnolo caught this flower, persisting in its beauty though changed by snow. Exquisite!
This image shot by Maureen Spagnolo epitomizes the sub-zero temperatures we're experiencing in the northeastern United States. She says about this shot: "The freeze creates a spectacular sculpture at Muddy Creek Falls, Swallow Falls State Park, Garrett County, MD."
Woodland Friends
I was walking in Huntley Meadows Park, in Fairfax, Virginia, and saw a deer across the stream, grazing, illuminated by the afternoon sun. I stopped to take a photo. There was a flutter of wings, and a large heron landed close to the deer, and seemed to be greeting him by beating his wings. As I watched, I understood them to be friends. It was a joyful sight. Huntley Meadows Park, the largest park operated by the Fairfax County Park Authority, is located in the Hybla Valley area of Fairfax County, Virginia, south of the city of Alexandria. (Maureen Spagnolo) Click for larger image.
A Haunted Beauty
Maureen Spagnolo says about this shot: "A road less traveled - taking a turn off the main highway can lead to treasures like this one where one just has to stop and look: An abandoned farmhouse with a dusting of snow; a haunted beauty where folks once lived and flourished in Maryland." (Click on image to see larger version)
Thumbnail Acadia Jenna and Zumi Acadia National Park - October Sky
Maureen Spagnolo, traveling north in Maine with her daughter and her dog, snapped this evening moment at Acadia National Park. The edgy mood of ebbing autumn is captured here. One can feel the approaching deep freeze of winter so close, as Jenna and Zumi play on the rocks.
Bishops Garden Tulips Bishop's Garden Tulips
"Bishop's Garden's tulips (National Washington Cathedral) are receiving a helping hand from a visitor - and surely the heavens approve as the extra beam of light seems to imply." Comment from Maureen Spagnolo, who took this lovely shot.
Kangaroos in Victoria Twilight Kangaroos in Victoria Twilight
Our miracle-eyed Photovoyant, Maureen Spagnolo, was recently visiting Australia, and took this atmospheric evening shot of kangaroos enjoying an evening stroll -- or hop! (Click for a larger image)
Other Worldly Landscape Other Worldly Landscape
The keen eye of our Photovoyant, Maureen Spagnolo, caught this multi-textured winter shot. Hard to imagine the coming thaw in a scene like this. We're proud and grateful to feature the work of this extraordinary artist.
Great Falls Barn
Our photovoyant, Maureen Spagnolo, took this dreamy autumn photo a month ago. Even though winter is encroaching upon us now, it is good to savor the beauty of autumn, because it is so fleeting.