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This section came from The Significato Journal, which was a joint effort between my husband, Peter, and me. The content is too good to abandon, so we've brought it over to my website. I may or may not update it. We'll see!

Knoxville 1915
Excerpt from “Knoxville: Summer of 1915”— from James Agee’s essay "Knoxville" and the introduction to his Pulitzer Prize-winning posthumous novel, A Death in the Family
"On the rough wet grass of the back yard my father and mother have spread quilts. We all lie there, my mother, my father, my uncle, my aunt, and I too am lying there..." more
Crossing to Avalon by Jean Shinoda Bolen
“We need time out of our everyday, outer-directed lives, and not just at major life transitions, when it is most advisable, but regularly. I think metaphorically of how necessary it is that we have “diastolic” time... more
Whistle Down the Wind
I love the depiction of daily life in this movie too. The homely scenes at tea, with the family seated around the table eating slices of homemade bread from china plates and drinking their tea from china cups... more
by: William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)
Yet not to thine eternal resting-place
Shalt thou retire alone, nor couldst thou wish
Couch more magnificent. more
Au Revoir Les Enfants
This film is based on the childhood experiences of director Louis Malle. As an eleven-year old boy he attended a Catholic boarding school in France during World War II. more
Immunity Take Care Works!
I staggered into Whole Foods, hot with fever, my body feeling as though a thousand dwarves from Arda were pounding me with their mean little hammers. more
The Beauty of Snow
A divinity must have stirred with them before the crystals did thus shoot and set. Wheels of the storm-chariots. The same law that shapes the earth-star, shapes the snow-star. As surely as the petals of a flower are fixed, each of these countless snow-stars comes whirling to earth...(From Henry David Thoreau's essay entitled, "Travels in Concord") more
MusicLinks for MusicLovers
Music Links: delicious music sites more
The Art of Constance Pappalardo
I primarily work with watercolor on canvas but my intension is never to follow the traditional path of watercolor. I am always experimenting, using the fluidity of my medium to my advantage. more
The Woollcott Reader and the short story, "Margaret Ogilvy"
~ Edited by Alexander Woollcott. One of the stories, "Margaret Ogilvy", is by J.M. Barrie ~
The opening story is by J.M.Barrie, about his beloved mother, entitled, "Margaret Ogilvy". We're all familiar with his work, "Peter Pan", but chances are that "Margaret Ogilvy" is not being widely read at the moment. I love the title of the first chapter: "How My Mother Got Her Soft Face." more