Kimmy Sophia Brown

Big Cats Like Boxes Too!

Jul 28, 2013

See Video Below! 

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

For anyone who has owned a cat, you know that cats are fascinated with boxes. This is a funny video from Big Cat Rescue, showing some antics that cat lovers will recognize!

Big Cat Rescue was founded twenty years ago, with the mission to be a sanctuary for big cats either abused or abandoned by their owners. They rate Four Stars on the Charity Navigator chart, and are accredited as one of the largest rescue organizations for big cats.

We believe that exotic and wild animals are not a commodity. They should not be used for performance in show business, as personal pets, for the fur trade or other uses. We hope to help spread the idea that to violate the delicate balance of nature by misusing animals is wrong. We do not support big game hunting, or sports, which condone the harming of animals for pleasure, or the hunting of endangered species. Please help to do what you can to raise awareness to protect and defend all animals, domestic or wild. Thank you!

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