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The Universe as an Infinite Storm of Beauty

~ An essay by Maria Popova of "Brain Pickings", about John Muir, and our connection to all things in the universe. ~

Dec 30, 2018

For twelve years Maria Popova has studied letters, biographies, books, articles, essays and more, produced by the great artists, scientists, philosophers, and religious teachers of recent centuries. She finds threads of wisdom running concurrent through many of their works, and has tirelessly sent out newsletters loaded with inspirations and realizations mined from their depths. We highlight this particular article on John Muir because we saw it in today's Brain Pickings, and it speaks to our most sacred beliefs. We think Maria Popova's service to humanity is beyond measure – We have been inspired and uplifted by her collections numerous times, and we thank her for the effort she puts into her work. Please subscribe to Brian Pickings and become a regular donor. She deserves it! 

“I… a universe of atoms… an atom in the universe,” the Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman wrote in his lovely prose poem about evolution.“The fact that we are connected through space and time,” evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis observed of the interconnectedness of the universe, “shows that life is a unitary phenomenon, no matter how we express that fact.”

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