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Humor - from The Healing Runes by Ralph Blum and Susan Loughan

Jul 15, 2011

Posted by Kimmy Sophia Brown

rune of humor“Pushing yourself too hard? Doing too much for others? Break the pattern. Have a giggle. Lighten up. And always remember: Humor is the mildest detergent of them all.”

This is from a section in The Healing Runes, about the Rune of Humor. The Healing Runes are a tool for the Recovery of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. I received this beautiful green book and pouch of rune stones among Christmas gifts from Peter. I use them in the morning to start my day, and find that they contain wisdom and comfort and speak to the heart of whatever I seem to need in the moment. The Rune of Humor is based on the ancient Rune, Flow, which looks a little like a backwards seven or a shepherd’s crook.

This section also states that, “humor is healing’s handmaiden”. If you are looking for a little tool to begin the day with a nudge in the right direction, I highly recommend The Healing Runes. (available through and major booksellers.)

Rune Stones

Image(s) from Wikimedia Commons