Kimmy Sophia Brown

A Contemplation of Nature and Spirituality

This section came from The Significato Journal, which was a joint effort between my husband, Peter, and me. The content is too good to abandon, so we've brought it over to my website. I may or may not update it. We'll see!

Plant Healing and Shamanism in the Deep Amazon
A link to an article in the latest issue of Parabola Magazine, written by Jorges Hachumak with David L. Carroll, about what happens during an Ayahuasca ceremony.
The shaman explains "The sacred plants are always willing to guide human beings. It is part of their mission. They want to help. All they ask for in return is the joy of healing" more
Our Lovely New Kitten: Tovi Zoom Zoom
We've adopted a wee kitten that we've named "Tovi Zoom Zoom." more
Make Wildflower Seed Balls
This is such a fun way to plant wildflowers! more
Itty Bitty & Etta - A Story From Apifera Farm
~ One of what seems to be hundreds of creations from the founder of the wonderful Apifera Farm in Maine, home of many rescued animals, and where many works of art were born as well.
"Apifera Farm [pronounced Ap-if-era and meaning bearing bees] began in 2004 in western Oregon, growing 4000 lavender plants and raising sheep." more
Susun Weed Teaches How to Make Sage Honey
~ You can't go wrong with a natural remedy like this for sore throats and coughs
For decades wise-woman herbalist Susun Weed has been teaching how to make infusions, remedies, teas, and more... more
Wendell Berry -There are no sacred and unsacred places
Wendell Berry is an author, poet, farmer, husband, father, grandfather and activist.
There are no sacred and unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. My belief is that our life and the world in it are conditional gifts. more
Mary and Her Best Friend
~ Girl, dog, and training create dynamic relationship of love ~
All we feel is admiration for the beautiful relationship shared by Mary and her beloved dog, Secret. more
Freeing a Humpback Whale from a Nylon Gillnet
Heroic Rescuers Work Frantically to Free this Beautiful Young Whale
This is a miraculous video of a group of people who came upon this magnificent humpback whale entrapped in a gillnet. more
Valerie Taylor and Honey the Eel
... Over a period of years returning to the Indonesian island of Banda, Valerie visited a spotted Moray Eel which she named Honey. ... more
Spinner Dolphins Crone Nomad: Life in Hawaii Water
Yesterday I sat on black lava rocks gazing out over the cobalt waters of La Perouse, watching for signs of my old friends, the spinner dolphins. They often come into this sandy bottomed bay, to sleep after a night of hunting. more