Kimmy Sophia Brown

Mushroom Suit After You Die

Apr 22, 2018

Jae Rhim Lee discusses her design for a mushroom burial suit. There are countless plastics, pesticides, BPA toxins, and other impurities that are in our bodies when we die. For folks interested in a green burial, merely burying your dead physical body wrapped in white linen in a pine box isn't doing the earth any favors because of all the toxins we've consumed in our lives.

Ms. Lee is experimenting to see which mushroom spores can be embedded in a suit that not only consumes but purifies our remains after death. This innovation is win-win for the environment and a sensible solution in contrast to the unsustainable practice of using a cement vault with an expensive casket. Putting our remains in the earth where it can biologically return from where it came is a brilliant idea.