Kimmy Sophia Brown

Help the Philippines Recover from Typhoon Rammasun

Jul 18, 2014

Boxing Gym in the PhilippinesOur dear friend, Eiji Yoshikawa, has been working with a group of boxers in the Philippines for several years. During Typhoon Haiyan their gym and homes were demolished. Through fundraising that Eiji organized among mostly Japanese students, money was raised to rebuild their gym which doubles as a community center and orphanage.

Typhoon Rammasun destroyed their center again. 

Eiji created a film entitled "Rumble in the Jungle," about his efforts training and working with Filippino boxers who are struggling to support their families. We will be publishing that story soon, but for now we wanted to help raise awareness about the typhoon disaster.  Please visit Eiji's Facebook page to learn more about his efforts to help. Contact him, via that page, if you would like to help, too. His Facebook page is:

Please visit these links to learn more about Eiji's work:

Rumble in the Jungle Trailer

Rumble in the Jungle Trailer Two