Kimmy Sophia Brown

About Kimmy Sophia Brown

Kimmy Sophia BrownKimmy Sophia Brown was born Kimberly Elizabeth Korman, in Utica, NY in 1955. She was raised in the tiny hamlet of Cassville, among the cows and fields until she was eleven, when her family moved to Skokie, Illinois, a predominantly Jewish suburb north of Chicago, where she learned to eat halvah and found out about Chanukah and the best selling book, How to Be a Jewish Mother by Dan Greenberg, who had been the college roommate of the dad in a family for whom she babysat.

Her family then moved to Framingham, Massachusetts, where she completed high school. With a high school friend, she hitched around Europe during the summer of 1974. In 1975 she got in a VW Bug and rode off into the sunset, ending up in Santa Cruz, California.

Untold adventures followed. Marriage. Babies. Cats. Dogs. Bills. Joy. Sorrow. Money. Debt. Hilarity. Outbursts of joy. Sobbing. Pretty much the whole gamut. All the iterations of life on earth. And during it all,  she loved to write. So, she wrote, and wrote, and in 1995, started to write a column called "From the Back Porch," about life with kids, followed by "MusicViews," since Music was one of her Great Loves. Poetry was always a thing too. Eventually she and her dear husband, Peter, and their children, moved to Maine where life has bestowed upon each of them many beautiful blessings. We can't wait for what happens next.