Kimmy Sophia Brown

Aquifers of Love: Poems

Dec 12, 2022

Aquifers of Love is the first volume of poetry of a companion set. The second volume is titled The Time Signature of Night. The poems in both books reflect the themes of the titles. The phrase “Aquifers of Love” expresses that there are countless places all around us where love can be found, both in the human experience and in nature. Click image for larger version.

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Table of Contents of Aquifers of Love

Aquifers of Love
Tranquility Seems to Beckon
There’s a Dream in My Bed
The Intelligence of Children
I Cried When We Took Our Old TV to Goodwill
God On the Pillow
Sun-Flecked Drive
The Death of a Mouse
The History of Real Estate
Prior to the Cold River Plunge Fully Clothed
Santa Cruz 1973
Tree Gal
Pirate’s Breakfast
Loving Everybody
The Little Ones
After the Farm
Like a Clamshell
You Can Hear the Ocean
Great Uncle Tony
My Mom the Bird Lady
Whale Rider
Your Large Soft Eye
My Monster
My Terrible Toes
Someday I’d Like to Be Small
The Mystery of Matter
Love Is the Densest Bone
Going in Peace
Full Moon Cat
The Rooster
All You Can Eat Roadside Buffet
Ode to Garlic
The Last Egg
Palm Sunday
Little Chirping Songbird
Driving a Truck
Starving Artist on Kinnikkinnick
Does the Earth Purr When It Rains?
If Bees Pollinate in the Key of C
A Glass of Cardinal Song
Vegetable Spa
Buzzards’ Breakfast
The Gnat and I
Lead Her Off the Bench
My Office Is a Baked Potato
Sometimes I Forget My Sense of Humor
The Day After I Didn’t Kill Myself
The Second Day After I Didn’t Kill Myself
The Storage Cellar
Call My Me!
What Is My Weather?
I Didn’t Get the Deluxe Set
Mining for God
Some Women Are . . .
Talking with God in My Pajamas
Make Love the Bubble in My Level
Tiny Boy in July
Hologram Dream
Six-Week-Old Boy
Mammals’ Motherhood
Kids On the Lawn
Kitchen Billiards
Marriage Like Apollo 13
Spooky Action
The Secret of Sleep
Then the Thumping Starts
Sweet Sorrel
Summer Cancan
Strange Beauty
Impromptu Dissection
Emotional Yogurt
The Last Morsel
The Fifth Valve
The Green Wheel
I Don’t Want to Miss a Moment
Song of Seeds and Dirt
Bug City
The Scent of a Ladybug
Medevac Bee
Ground of Being
I Tell It to the Gods
The Last Straw
Prayer Is a Convertible
The Fear Before Knocking
I Don’t Want to Be Smote!
Why Must I Be Emotional?
The Attack of Raptors
Our Dumb Adult Tea Party
David and His Grandmother
Atonal City
La La Land
What Really Happened?
Black Box
The Forensics of Violence
Gathering Storm
Gored by the Bull of Love
Multitudinous Fray
October Day
Can a Month Be Grumpy?
The Sugar Maple
The Pen and Ink Sky
Night Prayer
Black Lucy
Dreams of a Fruit Fly
Raccoon Interrupted
The Sorghum Cows
Whistler’s Mother
Love Is a Strange Address
Soul Resonance
The Makeover
Beginnings Without Fizzle
Self Portrait
Mrs. Lot
Look Both Ways
The Old Black Dogs
Antenna Gut
A Voyage
Ancestral Spirals
Rain Dance
The Best Moment
2 A.M.
A Small Insult
Current Events
I Am One of Them
Even at the Call Center
The Mention of Your Name
Fishing for Poems
Have Mercy
Outposts of Love
A Shamrock in the Snow for My Brother
Tymon Is Born
Beer and Pizza and a Hug
Fen and Iris
At the Hour of Our Death, Amen
Thank You for the Mysteries
The Eternal Now
My Will


Kim lives in Maine, which is lovely, and where she continues her enthusiastic relationship with Art, Music, Nature, Books, Animals, Humor and Trees.